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Spring 2020 Classes (11 January - 8 May)
(Check all that apply)
    Biology 110 Natural Science ONLINE
    Biology 120 Natural HistoryONLINE
    Biology 122 Ecology ONLINE
    Biology 123 Ecology LaboratoryONLINE
    Biology 140 Principles of Biology ONLINE
    Biology 141 Biology Laboratory ONLINE
    Botany 121 Plant Diversity (includes laboratory) ONLINE
    Zoology 122 Animal Diversity ONLINE
    Zoology 122 Animal Diversity ONSITE
    Zoology 124 Insect Biology ONLINE
    Zoology 137 Ornithology ONLINE

Be sure to check your course(s) above. Check ALL that apply

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4. . . . entered your major course of study or interest
5. . . . selected the course(s) in which you are enrolled

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